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Who Is Patty Cogen?

Patty Cogen is the author of the international best selling adoption book, Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child.  She is a retired child development specialist and child and family therapist as well a mom of two grown children, one birthed, one adopted.  For more information on Patty’s education and background click on Bio.

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child–from your first hours together through the teen yearsbook_cover

Patty shares the insights and strategies from working with families touched by adoption and after a decade of running the nationally recognized First Year Home Group. You can review the entire table of contents and read several excerpts on Amazon. Order from Amazon, Tapestry Books or your local bookstore. Click on Book for more information.

For an exciting book review by Dr. Boris Gindis, Ph.D., go to www.bgcenterschool.org and click on the Newsletter Archive link. Go to Newsletter #101 from January 8, 2009.

The First Year Home Group

Find out more about the nationally recognized support and education group for parents and their internationally adopted children. Click on First Year Home Group.

What To Expect When You Adopt Internationally

Access both published and unpublished articles including those frequently referenced by Adoptive Families Magazine, Transracial Adoption Resources (NYSCCC–online), Families with Children from Russia and Eastern Europe (FRUA), Families with Children From China (FCC) (their Top Ten Reads Before Adopting Internationally).

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For additional information please e-mail : patty@pattycogen.com.