A Guide To Articles

The articles are arranged alphabetically with the date of completion following the titles. Many were written in my “parent voice” rather than as an adoption professional.

I haven’t noted which ones were published or not because some of the best (in my opinion) were repeatedly rejected.
I want to thank Susan Caughman, current editor of Adoptive Families Magazine, for publishing of my first article, “Keeping The Past and Present Connected,” in the NY-FCC newsletter and for continuing to invite my comments for A.F.M.

I’m grateful to Amy Klatzkin for choosing two of my articles for inclusion in Passages To The Heart.

Mary Child was the editor who shared my feelings about “Eating Bitterness With My Chinese Relatives.” It appeared in the NY-FCC Dec. 2004 issue many years after I originally wrote it.

I send my thanks to Susan, Amy and Mary for their support and to other unnamed editors of newsletters around the country who have published my work.

**** Please Note that when I write as a parent, the name of my child varies from article to article to protect my daughter’s privacy.